Good Morning Chair

A poem inspired by a workshop where the attendees where encouraged  to write seven two-word lines about an object in their everyday surroundings which holds a a sense of value beyond it monetary cost. This poem describes the first chair I would sit on each the morning, as I drink my first cup of tea. woven wicker faithfully idle… Continue reading Good Morning Chair

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To become aware

I love Eugene Peterson’s response to this question: “What does it mean to experience all the material of our lives as a an act of faith?” That I’m responsible for paying attention to the Word of God right here in this locale. The assumption of spirituality is that always God is doing something before I… Continue reading To become aware

Lamb, bound

The following is a poetic reflection on the painting ‘Agnus Dei’ (1635-40) by Francisco de Zuburban. You, alone in the dark. You, crowned in light. You, slumped on the line where life meets death meets life. You, helpless, legs bound. With passive horns, lying in humility, demanding nothing. Me, still looking on. I, Judas. I,… Continue reading Lamb, bound