Life — steeped in grace.

What if we had time and space to notice, savour and respond; as we journey through the varying seasons of life with God — the delightful, the painful and the ordinary?

Trusted, trained, attentive listeners companion others and provide sacred spaces such as these — this is the art of spiritual direction.

Spiritual direction is a soulful, prayerful practice helping you articulate, savour and integrate the various experiences of your life. By grace, may you find yourself being made whole — spirit, soul and body.

A quick introduction

The Contemplative Space results from my enthusiasm to provide people, from all walks of life, with the hospitality of listening, with spaces to reflect and nurture attentiveness to the Spirit, amidst the ups and downs of everyday life.

Nottingham, England is home for my wife and I — with our two adult-children using it as their base as they venture out into the world. Find out a little more of my journey from design and university lecturing to spiritual direction in the ‘About’ section.