Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction provides a prayerful space for you to discern the activity of the Spirit in your life.

You maybe looking to explore your experience of God, or desiring time to notice and responded to how grace is expressed in your life, or perhaps seeking to make sense of life in this season.

My role in this art of spiritual direction is one of companionship — prayerfully listening to you — listening for the activity and presence of the holy in your life. As an attentive listener I will often ask questions or invite us to pause in prayer and silence or another spiritual practice. It is a contemplative space — attentive, receptive and graceful in manner.

The heritage of spiritual direction

Spiritual direction can be found in many faiths and religions. My training has been primarily Christ-centred — and indebted to influences both ancient and contemporary.

With that said, in spiritual direction we start where you are and there is space to explore how you are being drawn onward. Matters of belief and faith might be deeply meaningful to you, or they may come with all sorts of baggage. Your faith maybe seasoned or burgeoning; you may feel like you’re thriving or falling apart. It’s ok — you are welcome.

Making an initial connection

I am one of many spiritual directors around the world. Do consider what you are looking for in a spiritual director. You will naturally want to know who it is you’re connecting with and clarify what it is you will be engaging in. If you have any specific questions about me and my work in spiritual direction — please get in touch.

Before settling to regularly meet for spiritual direction, we can schedule a free appointment—time to chat and discuss your desire for spiritual accompaniment, questions, and expectations and have space for you to express where you find yourself at this time.

Contact me with the form below if you would like an introductory conversation (either online or in person).

Practicalities for regular spiritual direction

There are a few spiritual directors who are able to provide this service for free, whilst many will charge for their time. Spirituality, like air, is of course freely received as gift. Yet, offering long term spiritual direction does involve commitments of time, reflection, supervision, and on going formation.

Ultimately, my desire is to be available to anyone seeking spiritual depth. And, whilst my hope is to generously express divine grace in every interaction — I am limited — so it is only in specific cases where I am able offer long term spiritual accompaniment at no cost. Please contact me or click here for details of costs for regular meetings.

We can work out a frequency of meeting that fits your schedule and means. I tend to meet with directees for one hour every four to six weeks. My hope is that we can find a way to meet which takes into account your current circumstances.


1 hour sessions are offered on sliding scale: £35* – £55** I invite you to choose a fee that relates to you and your current circumstance. Introduction conversations are not charged for.

I encourage payment of 3 sessions at a time in order to help commit us to the long term work of spiritual direction.

* — I am particularly sensitive to those in no-income & low-income situations or who find themselves in a time of limited finances. I’m happy to discuss options with those in need.

** — Please pay what is sustainable for you. It is assumed those paying the top rate are able to expense the fee or are personally well resourced.

If you find yourself at the end of your rope and with no means to pay for spiritual direction: every few months I offer a free set of sessions an individual. Please contact me to see if this place is currently available.

Location (local and online)

Spiritual direction conversations last 1 hour. This can happen online or in person. I meet a number of people at home in a quiet a sitting room overlooking the garden, in Sherwood/Carrington, Nottingham. If you prefer we can schedule a conversation during an hour’s walk (at a ‘contemplative’s pace’).

I regularly meet people for online Spiritual Direction appointments. We can connect on one of the many internet video services — including Zoom.

Please get in touch to enquire about meeting for spiritual direction or for further details.

Contact Form

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