School of Spiritual Direction


Sustainable Faith‘s School of Spiritual Direction is a 2-year certificate program that prepares you to serve as a spiritual director.

If you desire to journey with people well as they seek to deepen their experience of God, Sustainable Faith‘s School of Spiritual Direction (SSD) may be for you. Our collective of spiritual directors and teachers run schools in Europe and North America. I’m teaching cohorts in East Yorkshire (2021–2023) and Nottingham, UK (2022-onwards). More schools will be run in the coming year, keep an eye on the Sustainable Faith website for details.

SSD Nottingham (year 1)

Fridays and Saturdays: 14-15 Oct 2022, 9-10 Dec 2022, 10-11 Feb 2023, 21-22 Apr 2023, 16-17 Jun 2023

Urban Abbey, Nottingham, UK

SSD East Yorkshire (year 2)

Fridays and Saturdays: Sept 2022 — May 2023


The SSD is a two-year certificated formational program in the ministry of spiritual direction. You will be taught key aspects of spiritual direction experientially and reflectively. SSD cohorts are marked by a deep level of friendship and community which forms over the months (cohorts are typically between 8-12 people). We learn to share and share vulnerably with one another and, in so doing, grow in deep connection. Each year runs over five in-person modules with reading, reflection and practice making up the time in-between. You will find the study is compatible with many of your existing rhythms of work and life. That said, expect to give around 12 hours a month to the work. There are many opportunities to practice offering spiritual direction and receive regular peer and formal supervision. Year two of the course has the added bonus of engaging a version of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.

Find out more and register on the Sustainable Faith website.