Examen (a variation with postures)

I’m grateful to the author Ian Adams for bringing this version of the Ignatian Daily Examen to my attention, in his book ‘Running Over Rocks’. This practice fits particularly well at threshold moments, such as the end of a day. The five stages correlate to fives gesture, incorporating our whole self into the prayer.

  1. Open your hands
    Allow yourself to be open and attentive to the presence of God.  Slow your breathing and settle yourself, becoming still and centred. 
  2. Hold your hands to your heart
    Ask the Spirit to help you remember the day with thanks. Let events from the day play back to you and allow one moment particularly be bought to your attention. Remember and relive this moment, and treasure it with God.
  3. Hands held to stomach
    Let the emotions that you have experienced today play back to you. Allow the Spirit to highlight one particular strong emotions you experienced to come to your attention. As you recall the moment remind yourself that the Spirit was present with you in it. Revisit the emotion in the presence of God.
  4. Hands to lips
    Let one element or moment from the day become a prayer expressed to God.. 
  5. Open your hands
    As a gesture of letting go and taking on a posture of relieving. Gracefully revive the coming night and day as a gift from God.

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