Spiritual Direction Training

I received my training with Sustainable Faith‘s School of Spiritual Direction. Sustainable Faith have many schools around the world — I spend two years with a cohort of fellow trainees in Amsterdam. I have since been involved in the training of others with the training schools running in the UK. We have been running cohorts across the British… Continue reading Spiritual Direction Training

Listen to your life…

Listen to your life. See it for the fathomless mystery it is. In the boredom and pain of it, no less than in the excitement and gladness: touch, taste, smell your way to the holy and hidden heart of it, because in the last analysis all moments are key moments, and life itself is grace.… Continue reading Listen to your life…

Bear patiently…

Be still my soul the Lord is on thy sideBear patiently the cross of grief or painLeave to thy God to order and provide In every change He faithful will remainBe still my soul thy best, thy heavenly friendThrough thorny ways leads to a joyful end” From the hymn ‘Be Still, My Soul’ by Jean… Continue reading Bear patiently…

Opening up to the wonders

Look up — at the spaces in the trees,The gaps between the branches. Life is not a clamouring or a striving. But an opening up to the wonders of creation.  Breathe deeply and receive. And let the space open up in you.  —  —  As I sat yesterday on a park bench, these were the words that stirred… Continue reading Opening up to the wonders

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She wasn’t ready for this.She may have been sleeping,Or just waking up. Me? She asksBut I’m still young,No one notices me much. You are seen,Declares the light.Seen and trustedTo carry and to bring to birthThe Light of Creation. Then may it be soShe quietly respondsWondering what her yes will mean. If she looked around She would… Continue reading Annunciation

Echos from the edges of time

comfort, comfort,a sound in desolate places.create space,divine presence — imminent. [Is.40.1 remix]

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Breath prayer, after Psalm 34 (lectionary, All Saints)

I live and breathe God…My lungs expand with praise” from Psalm 34.1&2 (MSG) I take a deep breath now.Every moment a gift from you.Every expansion of my frame honours you.Every inhale a thanksgiving.I breathe out in grateful-trust. I continue,I breathe in, “I thank you”And exhale, “I trust you (to provide)” Each inhale a gift.Each exhale… Continue reading Breath prayer, after Psalm 34 (lectionary, All Saints)

Step back and take the long view

[The following homily is sometimes called ‘a prayer of Oscar Romero’ it is infract written composed by Bishop Ken Untener of Saginaw and was drafted for a homily by Card. John Dearden in 1979. The words remain poignant today. Oscar Romero was the Archbishop of San Salvador and was assassinated on March 24, 1980, while celebrating… Continue reading Step back and take the long view

Grace, commissioning and ‘not-ok’ (Lectionary, Pentecost)

 I tend to loop through the Sunday lectionary for my daily reading. This week we’re approaching Pentecost, and John 20.19-23 was my reading this morning. I noticed Jesus coming to the disciples hidden behind locked doors in fear. He’s not waiting for them to be ok, or to get sorted. His presence with them is… Continue reading Grace, commissioning and ‘not-ok’ (Lectionary, Pentecost)