Spiritual Direction Training

I received my training with Sustainable Faith‘s School of Spiritual Direction. Sustainable Faith have many schools around the world — I spend two years with a cohort of fellow trainees in Amsterdam. I have since been involved in the training of others with the training schools running in the UK. We have been running cohorts across the British Isles and in Europe. If you are considering how you might become a spiritual director visit Sustainable Faith for more details.

If you are interested on training as spiritual director, it is assumed you will have already a level of engagement with spiritual formation and have travel long enough in your spiritual journey to have grown in your emotional health. It can be beneficial to have already had the experience with meeting with a spiritual director yourself.

How to be trained as a spiritual director in the UK

If you have been the recipient of spiritual direction/accompaniment and you are now exploring what it would look like for you to serve in this art, I whole heartedly recommend Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction is an excellent 2 year training program. There are schools currently running across Northern America, the UK and Europe. So far training in the UK has been run in Birmingham, Oxfordshire, South Wales, Northern Ireland and East Yorkshire, with more locations to come.

Visit Sustainable Faith to enquire about training near you.

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