Unresolved and incomplete

Many circumstances in life put us in close contact with things that are unresolved and incomplete. It could be a work task, a move from one place to another, a relational disagreement. These things are part of the fabric of our lives, and often uncomfortable realities we face.
Not only do we live with unresolved and incomplete situations, but daily we encounter limited people — and we experience the pain of their imperfections. Yet, the problem is even closer to home, if we’re honest wth ourselves, we too are limited… unresolved and incomplete.
All this is made real to me regularly, in a variety of ways: a friend upsets me, I let others down, we make plans that falter. This can leave us unsettled, frustrated or confused — leaving us unsure where to turn. “To whom shall we go?” The disciples asked. It was of course a rhetorical question, for they knew the One who had the words of real, enduring life, was standing in their midst — Jesus. He spoke of the Heavenly Father, who holds all these things together in generous compassion. God, it seems, is perfectly able to graciously hold the unresolved and the incomplete. The invitation for us, is to trust the One who holds all these things and rest in that, whilst also holding hope — looking forward to the time when all things are bought to completion.

I am unresolved, unfinished and incomplete.
And much around me in unresolved, unfinished and incomplete.
But You God, You are complete,
and hold all these things in your gracious embrace
May we find our rest in you.
I am limited
And those around me are limited
Your love, God, is unlimited.
Embrace us in your love.

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