A harvest reflection

I wrote the following reflection for a the lead up to the lord’s supper at the harvest event we had last night.

We sow seeds, but we did not create them.
We plant them in the ground; a soil we did not form.
The rain nourishes it, with waters we did not produce.
The sun shines, but we are not the source of its light.
The plants grow, whilst we watch.
At harvest time we get to reap this goodness,
And are sustained by it as we eat.
These are all gifts.
All grace.
This is the Economy of God,
Inviting our participation,
but providing us more than we ever give.
We took these crops and created a dough
Which rises without our intervention,
but from the inherent goodness of the yeast.
And with it we celebrate a salvation we did not earn:
The Lord’s supper, where Jesus plays host,
Offering us his very self, that we might live.
We celebrate this together
In a community formed not in our own name, but his.
And, as we share the bread and wine with one another,
We share him, the creator and sustainer;
The author and perfector.


2 responses to “A harvest reflection”

  1. like it a lot 🙂

  2. jonny/admin

    cheers jim!

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