Uncouth shepherds,esoteric scholars,a restless groom open to the mystery of the night, messages of the holy. What do you see,what do you hear,in the dark? With thanks to Brian Draper for his Advent reflections which stimulated my thinking and prompted me to listen to Luke Sital-Singh’s this song again, on this December morning..

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Opening up to the wonders

Look up — at the spaces in the trees,The gaps between the branches. Life is not a clamouring or a striving. But an opening up to the wonders of creation.  Breathe deeply and receive. And let the space open up in you.  —  —  As I sat yesterday on a park bench, these were the words that stirred… Continue reading Opening up to the wonders

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She wasn’t ready for this.She may have been sleeping,Or just waking up. Me? She asksBut I’m still young,No one notices me much. You are seen,Declares the light.Seen and trustedTo carry and to bring to birthThe Light of Creation. Then may it be soShe quietly respondsWondering what her yes will mean. If she looked around She would… Continue reading Annunciation

Echos from the edges of time

comfort, comfort,a sound in desolate places.create space,divine presence — imminent. [Is.40.1 remix]

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A quiet joy / being human

Where does rest fit in our lives as human beings? How are we giving time to being present in the world and attentive to the gifts around us? This photographic combination was produced after reading a poem in the summer of 2015. The words are from the poetry anthology ‘Being Human’  (p159); the poem is ‘A Quiet Joy’… Continue reading A quiet joy / being human

Patient Oak

There are times when the wisest option is to say nothing. There are times when we can feel we don’t trust ourselves to say anything. There are times of silence because any expression of the current situation seems inadequate or insincere. There are times of silence because of sorrow. There are times of silence because… Continue reading Patient Oak

Good Morning Chair

A poem inspired by a workshop where the attendees where encouraged  to write seven two-word lines about an object in their everyday surroundings which holds a a sense of value beyond it monetary cost. This poem describes the first chair I would sit on each the morning, as I drink my first cup of tea. woven wicker faithfully idle… Continue reading Good Morning Chair

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I’m praying with eyes open today, as Peterson recommends (see ‘The Contemplative Pastor’). As I do so, I’m mulling over the psalmists concern to: “behold the beauty of the Lord and seek him in his temple.” Sacramental Made of meat, flesh on bone, dust gathering on soles of feet. Dust and stone my kith and… Continue reading Sacramental