I’m praying with eyes open today, as Peterson recommends (see ‘The Contemplative Pastor’). As I do so, I’m mulling over the psalmists concern to: “behold the beauty of the Lord and seek him in his temple.”
Made of meat,
flesh on bone,
dust gathering
on soles of feet.
Dust and stone
my kith and kin
in this your temple,
dwell within.
And dwell among.
and over, above,
and through all,
drawing all with love.
Drawing all with love.
Drawing all.
With love.
[JN 04/2011]

“… the whole world, as Hopkins lyricized, is charged with the grandeur of God; for the Christian social imaginary, the world is always more than it seems, without being less than it seems. It is characterised by a kind of enchantment.”
[James K A Smith – ‘Desiring the Kingdom’]

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