The person I become

The Next-Wave has an interesting interview with Todd Hunter this month. What stuck me about the quote below is how it fits other thoughts mentioned on this blog — such as Mother Teresa’s quote: “We are called to be faithful, not successful”. This though fits with a previous note — we are invited  to ‘enter’ and ‘receive’ the Kingdom; interestingly, scripture doesn’t use the verbs ‘extend’ or ‘expand’ God’s Kingdom, as if we are to do everything on his behalf; rather, the emphasis is on us responding to what he has done and is doing and will do in the world.

Q: If you could travel back in time to the first year in which you were a pastor, what counsel would you give yourself?
Todd: To not get so busy; to remember that taking good care of my whole self under God — body, soul, spirit, etc. is the only legitimate place from which to do ministry.
I’d remind myself that nothing I build or do will last — but I will last for ever. I am God’s project; my projects are just that — mine. But the person I become in the carrying out of ministry will last forever.


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  1. Great post Jonny.
    And I guess that’s why trying to learn to abide, to be, and to not compromise in receiving inner peace / healing is so crucial. Psalm 1, 42, 46, 37 – dwelling, delighting, meditating – out of that comes the rest. Real Staying in the Vine stuff.
    Sometimes it is the hardest thing to just receive what God wants to do in us… to be faithful not successful, to invest in the hidden and innermost aspects of the kingdom.

  2. jonny/admin

    thanks jim.
    also, [and i need post again on this] i think we need to cultivate that attitude of being ready to respond to what the Father is doing at every point and aspect in our lives. Practicing a continual attentiveness to the Presence of God.

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