She wasn’t ready for this.She may have been sleeping,Or just waking up. Me? She asksBut I’m still young,No one notices me much. You are seen,Declares the light.Seen and trustedTo carry and to bring to birthThe Light of Creation. Then may it be soShe quietly respondsWondering what her yes will mean. If she looked around She would… Continue reading Annunciation

Breath prayer, after Psalm 34 (lectionary, All Saints)

I live and breathe God…My lungs expand with praise” from Psalm 34.1&2 (MSG) I take a deep breath now.Every moment a gift from you.Every expansion of my frame honours you.Every inhale a thanksgiving.I breathe out in grateful-trust. I continue,I breathe in, “I thank you”And exhale, “I trust you (to provide)” Each inhale a gift.Each exhale… Continue reading Breath prayer, after Psalm 34 (lectionary, All Saints)

Grace, commissioning and ‘not-ok’ (Lectionary, Pentecost)

 I tend to loop through the Sunday lectionary for my daily reading. This week we’re approaching Pentecost, and John 20.19-23 was my reading this morning. I noticed Jesus coming to the disciples hidden behind locked doors in fear. He’s not waiting for them to be ok, or to get sorted. His presence with them is… Continue reading Grace, commissioning and ‘not-ok’ (Lectionary, Pentecost)

Poised for action

This photo by Leonardo Battista of Peregrine hunting Starlings at roost is one of the most inspiring and provocative images I’ve seen this year. Leonardo’s camera has captured a still moment with stark contrasts. We see the starlings dart around —  twisting and turning — their separate forms barely discernible.  In contrast the Peregrine is… Continue reading Poised for action

Journaling, self-reflection & preparing for spiritual direction

Spending time in self reflection can play a significant role in your spiritual journey. It can also be helpful before meeting for spiritual direction. A regular practice of journaling can provide a space for you to record your spiritual journey — recording your prayers, requests, interior movements and insights Self-reflection can also help when deciding what to… Continue reading Journaling, self-reflection & preparing for spiritual direction

Listening to love

I keep returning to this quote from Henri Nouwen: Many voices ask for our attention. There is a voice that says, “Prove that you are a good person.” Another voice says, “You’d better be ashamed of yourself.” There also is a voice that says, “Nobody really cares about you,” and one that says, “Be sure… Continue reading Listening to love

A quiet joy / being human

Where does rest fit in our lives as human beings? How are we giving time to being present in the world and attentive to the gifts around us? This photographic combination was produced after reading a poem in the summer of 2015. The words are from the poetry anthology ‘Being Human’  (p159); the poem is ‘A Quiet Joy’… Continue reading A quiet joy / being human