Who we are to become

Rowan Williams’ Silence and Honey Cakes is a joy to read and a real source of wisdom. He encourages to engage in the “patient, long-term discovery of what grace will do” to us. It is a work that “requires the kind of vulnerability to each other that can only come with the building up of trust over time, the kind of silence that brings our fantasy identities to judgement…” It is he says, “life and death with neighbour once more”

“We don’t know what we shall be, what face God will show to us in the mirror he holds unto us on the last day, but we can continue to question our own (and other people’s) strange preference for the heavy burden of self justification, or self creation, and weep for our reluctance to become persons and to be transfigured by the personal communion opened for us by Jesus.” R. Williams

Abba, Father
I don’t know who I am
Nor who I will be
But you see me truly
And your desire is for me
So may I let go
and allow myself
to be embraced
by you, Abba,
my beloved.

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