A quiet joy / being human

Where does rest fit in our lives as human beings? How are we giving time to being present in the world and attentive to the gifts around us?
This photographic combination was produced after reading a poem in the summer of 2015. The words are from the poetry anthology ‘Being Human’  (p159); the poem is ‘A Quiet Joy’ by Yehudi Amichai (translated from Hebrew by Chana Bloch). The photo of park bench and skate park was taken by myself in Antwerp, Belgium.

The theme of finding God blessed rest can be found constantly throughout the history spiritual writing. During this time I stumbled on this quote in Rowan Williams’ ‘Silence and Honeycakes’:

“Each person as he or she is at rest is worthwhile — they don’t become worthwhile by all they do when not at rest. It’s from this point that God will move in them, create afresh, change.” R Williams

(Quote R Williams. Photo: J Norridge, Antwerp, Belgium)
This is a good place from which consider further reflection. Spend some time with Isaiah 30: 15–18  meditating or daydreaming with an awareness of God’s presence with you. Then allow yourself to rest in the embrace of Divine Love.

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