The value of 'Consider'

Mako Fujimura as written a compelling reasoning for engaging in the arts. I particularly liked this bit:

If we proclaim the gospel without “considering the lilies,” our preaching and teaching will have an activist’s urgency and edge, but it will be filled with fear. We will have the right information, but we’ll be devoid of observation, empathy, and poetry.

Time to contemplate and look can look like wasted time in out busy, getting-stuff-done world. But time for contemplation is of great importance in order for us to really see the world we are active in, and to hear and so really listen, and to really feel and understand our feelings. This time spent is not down time, and not just for times of rest and sabbath. Time to consider is essential if we are to continue with out worry or fear, it is essential if we are to really love.


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