Centering Down: Palms Up, Palms Down

Author and teacher Richard Foster describes a prayer practice sometimes known as ‘Palms up, palms down’, it has also been known by the The Quakers as Centering Down.This version of the prayer uses gestures in order for us to “embody the prayer”: First: identifying and releasing our burdens (palms down) Second: receiving God‘s grace (palms… Continue reading Centering Down: Palms Up, Palms Down

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Breath Prayer

Breath prayer, is a wonderfully simple form of prayer. It is sometimes known as a ‘prayer of the heart’. For me it its a physical prayer — a prayer of the body — with an emphasis more on posture and inner orientation . In this prayer we receive each breath as a gift — a… Continue reading Breath Prayer

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Welcoming Prayer

Background & Introduction Welcoming prayer addresses three core human needs: affection and love, security and wellbeing, a sense of control and agency. In particular circumstances or stressful situations we can find ourselves over attached to these core needs. In the process we can loose sight of the bigger picture, forget our awareness of God, freedom… Continue reading Welcoming Prayer

Poised for action

This photo by Leonardo Battista of Peregrine hunting Starlings at roost is one of the most inspiring and provocative images I’ve seen this year. Leonardo’s camera has captured a still moment with stark contrasts. We see the starlings dart around —  twisting and turning — their separate forms barely discernible.  In contrast the Peregrine is… Continue reading Poised for action

Journaling, self-reflection & preparing for spiritual direction

Spending time in self reflection can play a significant role in your spiritual journey. It can also be helpful before meeting for spiritual direction. A regular practice of journaling can provide a space for you to record your spiritual journey — recording your prayers, requests, interior movements and insights Self-reflection can also help when deciding what to… Continue reading Journaling, self-reflection & preparing for spiritual direction

Unresolved and incomplete

Many circumstances in life put us in close contact with things that are unresolved and incomplete. It could be a work task, a move from one place to another, a relational disagreement. These things are part of the fabric of our lives, and often uncomfortable realities we face. Not only do we live with unresolved… Continue reading Unresolved and incomplete

Spiritual direction is it like counselling or coaching?

Many people when first hearing about spiritual direction wonder how it compares to counselling/therapy and coaching. Each of these practices are so valuable and there are some similarities between them. You will notice that all three place an emphasis on conversation and intentional listening. In each case, the process is assisted by the host asking you… Continue reading Spiritual direction is it like counselling or coaching?

Listening to love

I keep returning to this quote from Henri Nouwen: Many voices ask for our attention. There is a voice that says, “Prove that you are a good person.” Another voice says, “You’d better be ashamed of yourself.” There also is a voice that says, “Nobody really cares about you,” and one that says, “Be sure… Continue reading Listening to love