Eastertide meditation

There’s something about hearing the things of God in another language which warms my soul, touches my heart and expands my vision. It reminds me that I do not have the monopoly on God with my small understanding of the world. So it was a blessing to see this beautiful video meditation (with its use of… Continue reading Eastertide meditation

Longing / Home (after Köder)

How can we discern our hearts desire? How can we bring before God what is on our hearts. Prayer and meditation in their various forms can be part of this process.  I’ve also found that creative expression can also play a role alone side prayer, meditation and reflection. This drawing (below) resulted from a time of… Continue reading Longing / Home (after Köder)

A quiet joy / being human

Where does rest fit in our lives as human beings? How are we giving time to being present in the world and attentive to the gifts around us? This photographic combination was produced after reading a poem in the summer of 2015. The words are from the poetry anthology ‘Being Human’  (p159); the poem is ‘A Quiet Joy’… Continue reading A quiet joy / being human

Who we are to become

Rowan Williams’ Silence and Honey Cakes is a joy to read and a real source of wisdom. He encourages to engage in the “patient, long-term discovery of what grace will do” to us. It is a work that “requires the kind of vulnerability to each other that can only come with the building up of trust… Continue reading Who we are to become

Apophatic / Spaces of unknowing

Prayers of quietness, for the wordless and unknowing. Graphite and water on watercolour paper. Dated: 2011 — 2014

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Patient Oak

There are times when the wisest option is to say nothing. There are times when we can feel we don’t trust ourselves to say anything. There are times of silence because any expression of the current situation seems inadequate or insincere. There are times of silence because of sorrow. There are times of silence because… Continue reading Patient Oak

Good Morning Chair

A poem inspired by a workshop where the attendees where encouraged  to write seven two-word lines about an object in their everyday surroundings which holds a a sense of value beyond it monetary cost. This poem describes the first chair I would sit on each the morning, as I drink my first cup of tea. woven wicker faithfully idle… Continue reading Good Morning Chair

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To become aware

I love Eugene Peterson’s response to this question: “What does it mean to experience all the material of our lives as a an act of faith?” That I’m responsible for paying attention to the Word of God right here in this locale. The assumption of spirituality is that always God is doing something before I… Continue reading To become aware