Show up

I saw a makeshift sign/poster on a design agency wall the other day, it read “Show Up. Be Present. Tell the truth. Let it all go.” ‘Show up’ seems to be coming at me from a few sources lately. David Taylor recently asked the artist Jim Janknegt to give his top tips for being a… Continue reading Show up

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Naked – a spiritual journey… and ‘Blankets’

I’m really enjoying reading Brian McLaren’s recent book Naked Spirituality at the moment. The structure of the book and “seasons” metaphor is proving helpful in describing my spiritual journey, and allowing me to see it with grace, as well as offer direction. Amusingly, even writing this seems to place me, at this time, neatly in… Continue reading Naked – a spiritual journey… and ‘Blankets’

Let down and leaving town

The following is a reflection on Luke 24:13-36 often know as the story ‘on the road to Emmaus’ – Here is a story for anyone who feels let down by Jesus. We follow him, we learn from him, we think we’ve got him sussed out. He will fulfil our wildest dreams, and then… then… suffering,… Continue reading Let down and leaving town

This is the day

Awake my soul The many shades of sky, crystalline white, pale mauve, a green, soft, light rests in to the blue, aqua tones found nowhere else in nature, except on the back of rare, warm water creatures. Yet here I sit staring out on a winters sky at the mid point between the equator and… Continue reading This is the day

The value of 'Consider'

Mako Fujimura as written a compelling reasoning for engaging in the arts. I particularly liked this bit: If we proclaim the gospel without “considering the lilies,” our preaching and teaching will have an activist’s urgency and edge, but it will be filled with fear. We will have the right information, but we’ll be devoid of… Continue reading The value of 'Consider'

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Do you not know that we are planning a wedding feast?

This is wonderful, the (brilliant) painter Makoto Fujimura writes an open letter to north-american-churches (although I think that this also has resonances for all churches in the western world). Makoto writes about the how and why art and artists got pushed to the margins and in many cases outside the church. Of course there are… Continue reading Do you not know that we are planning a wedding feast?

In the beginning

Canvas print and related video piece. A visual meditation on the first words in St John’s account of the incarnation.

What do you want?

If I asked you: “what do you want?” – how would you answer? How would I answer? To get to know someone we will assume we need to know various things , “what do you know?”, “what do you believe?”, “what’s your job?”. We do this to investigate and evaluate people, socially, religiously and morally.… Continue reading What do you want?

Just like Clint

I wrote this poem as I reflected on Clint Eastwood’s excellent film ‘Grand Torino’. To those of you who’ve seen it this will hopefully make a lot of sense, to those of you who haven’t, I hope its poetic enough to meaningful in its own right. Just Like Clint (after Grand Torino) I have no classic… Continue reading Just like Clint